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Gig is not ranking not getting impressions or clicks? where is the issue?


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i dont feel shy to say i need help i am new to fiver and i dont know about fiver algorithms and i dont know how fiver works, how they give some new sellers fivers choice straight away and some dont get even rising talent badge.. kindly help me out with my gig and let me know where is the problem

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38 minutes ago, naveedbutt789 said:

i dont know about fiver algorithms and i dont know how fiver works

No one knows how the Fiverr algorithm works. Also, why are you selling if you don't know how Fiverr works? You should at least read some articles that was published by Fiverr that might help you understand the marketplace and get a good impression from buyers. Gig ranking is a big part of being a seller, but your life won't depend on that. Focus on getting better at your skill and being patient.

About the Rising Talent Badge. Only the Fiverr's Editorial Team will check if your new gig can get the badge and they will also check the quality and potential of the gig. You can't also apply for this because they have a certain criteria on whether this gig can have the badge or not. 

If you want a better understanding on how it works, I advise you to read this article. 



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