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Clients didn’t reply after discussions



Hi! Guys, I’m facing an issue about clients that mostly whenever I sent proposal to buyer requests then clients came and asked few questions but after that they did not reply even not replace order.  
Even, I tried my best for clients 100% satisfaction but still no reply. I’m very depressed, please help me.

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  1. Just because someone asks questions, does not mean they are going to make a purchase.  In fact, most won't.  In my niche, it takes around 2k impressions to get one order. 
  2. Just because you say you did your best to give 100% customer satisfaction, doesn't mean you did.  Different people have different needs and it is your job to learn how to sus that out. 
  3. Are you demonstrating your competitive advantage?
  4. Are you being realistic about the quality of your service?  Are you objectively as good as, or better than your competitors?  Since you aren't getting orders, my guess is no.  
  5. Your profile indicates you have been on the platform for 1 month.  What is your expectation?  What are you doing to fix your issues?
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On 1/4/2022 at 4:42 PM, mshan_pro said:

What do you suggest? What should I do? 

Do about what?  Your comment was that people were not replying to you.  I then gave you 5 bullet points indicating possible reasons.  

I can only assume you are asking how to run a business.  If that is the question, the answer is:

  1. Study a lot in school
  2. Learn by doing and failing. 
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The fact that you're getting someone to respond to your BR offer is great. However, the fact that you're not able to convert that conversation to a sale means there's something obviously wrong with the way these conversation go. Note that client's usually talk to multiple sellers at once who responds to their requests, and they'll go with the one that they're most comfortable and confident with.

Of course, we can't help you here without seeing what you say to these people, and posting screenshots here will be a violation of their privacy. However, you could take the time to analyze what goes wrong in these conversations to make them skip over you. Note that too much customer service can be uncomfortable for most people. So if that's you, perhaps dial it down. Don't say things like "Sir" or "Bro". Talk to them with their name. If they don't have a name, ask how they'd like to be addressed. It's the little things that can go a long way. 

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