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I am new be joining on fiverr and Creating new gigs.


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11 minutes ago, hasanmahmud7676 said:

Sabuj mia, 

Welcome to our fiverr Forum community  platform.. 

Best of luck.. Brother... 

Congratulations.... ❤️😍🤗..I will pray for you. I hope you will pray for me.

Thanks // Mahmud


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37 minutes ago, editproit said:

I joining on Fiverr and I creating new gigs and my niche is professional Photo editing services

Welcome to the community @editproit ^_^
Just visited your gig: adding a video was a plus-point as Fiverr promotes a gig, that has a video explaining about the gig service!
But I would say please improve your gig desc, make it more organized, pointout specifics, use related keywords these might be helpful for ranking:)

Be sure to share gig link in Improve my gig category:)

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