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How to impress buyer by sending buyer request?

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Hello Honorable experienced persons. I have created my account before 15 days. 

I have written lots of buyer request, I think that I'm not able to impress buyers' requests

So, What should I do right now?

I need some suggestion from the pro level seller and buyer.

Thank you.

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1. Read the Project Description completely.
2. Keep your cover letter description clean and simple.
3. Specify your offer.
4. make sure you are available today.
5. Don’t send a copy of the same cover letter to all clients.
6. Bid with an average price.

Hoping you to get many orders.

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How many buyer requests have you sent out so far? It took me about 200+ offers to get an order via buyer requests, and I have tried many ways of responding to BR throughout that time to finally stumble across a way that works for me. 


Here's something that may help you get started.



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