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I wll design anything in canva editable,instagram post,logo


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sojol10, I have to agree with the above comments. Your example shown is weak on many levels. Blurry resolution is an indication of blurry work. Unfortunately the resolution of the provided image is blown up to unmanageable size. Which is causing most of the distortion. I see your gig gallery image has the same issues. My advise is to research the size requirements for your gig gallery images and make hi-res images to fill those entries. And include 3 images. And a video. And a document.

Also The line "Contact me before placing an order," is off-putting. I would prefer to spend my time looking at other offers than switching to a single source. I would change that.

Also, the color red (used as your background color) typically indicates danger, or don't go there. Sorry to say that only 2 years experience is not much and is apparent in your design. I recommend changing your gallery image.

Hope this helps


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