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On 1/3/2022 at 7:44 AM, rahat_hasan_ahm said:

Can I run multiple accounts with one internet connection?

Why do you want to run "multiple accounts" on Fiverr? That is the REAL query here. Answer that and you will get a better reply from us.

If you are asking about making multiple accounts just for yourself - NO, that is not allowed.

If you are asking about multiple accounts because those you live with also want to sell on Fiverr - that may be allowed, but there are parameters. You cannot sell the same service (be in the same category), have the same payment information or email.

Again, much depends on why you want to open multiple accounts here. Most times, the answer will be, No, you cannot have more than one account.


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Creating two Fiverr accounts has nothing to do with WIFI connection, the name WIFI means Wireless Fidelity, you are connected to Fiverr website through your Internet Service Provider (ISP) with no cable connected to the router, you can also be connected to fiverr website through wired connection via your router, so it is your responsability to read fiverr policy for having two accounts but not the way you are connected to them through your router.

You would not face any problem if you provide two different services. Example: One is related to Graphic design and another one is related to Digital marketing.

Anyways, to be a hundred percent sure, you better contact the fiverr support.

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