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Guest writnghub

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Guest writnghub

Getting fiverr gig ideas can be a bit tasking. And even though fiverr is a fast growing market with thousands of gigs, there are still certain gigs that are in high demand and the market is small. So to get the best out of your fiverr gig, it would be wise to focus on these gigs which have high demand and a thing supply. By the way, what’s fiverr?

well fiverr is a market place where you get things you want such as programming, graphics, etc for $5. What ever it is you need from programming to fun and bizarre, fiverr has it all. I personally buy loads of gigs on fiverr and sometimes even contract the person for a long term job at a cheaper price.

Now in all the buying and selling I do on fiverr (yes, I sell things there too), I noticed the gigs I am about to mention had the highest purchase and only a handful and providing some of them. If you want to start using fiverr, I recommend you add this one to the list of gig you wish to open. Some of these require you to have a skill of some sort, while others, and just fun and easy.

Video Testimonial

video is very lucrative, with various online markets springing up every day, the demand for testimonial video about their products and service is high, so if you have a camera and pretty face, getting such task done for people would help make some nice money.

Blog article:

Offering to write seo optimized blog post sells fast on fiverr, all you need is a few sales with good reviews and you’d have hundreds of order in queue in no time.

Seo advice:

If you know a thing or two about search engine optimization, offering a gig on seo would attract buyers because they would find it cheap and affordable compared to expensive seo service.

Language translation:

Google translation is not close to perfect in anyway, so if you can speak and write in two popular languages, offering a fiverr gig on translation would attract buyers.

Wordpress error fixing:

We’re in the DIY era; people like to get their web design issue fix without paying for an expert, simple because it’s too expensive to hire an expert, offering such service for $5 would attract buyers.

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Proof reading:

If you’re a good reader and notice error in a write up easily, you can offer to help people proof read their book or articles.

Twitter likes:

People want their voice heard, the want to have huge twitter followers, if you have the skills, selling a gig on twitter likes is hot cake, once you can deliver as promised, you’d make more than $100 per week.

YouTube views:

Promoting products through videos uploaded on YouTube is becoming popular, if you have the right software, you can offer to help direct traffic to their YouTube video and make it popular.

Message on cheek:

Bizarre, but very profitable, if you have a little design skill, and fairly beautiful face, you can offer to write short message on your cheek for $5, messages like “I love you”, “Thank you” e.t.c.

Logo Design:

This requires some level of expertise, you should be able to use Photoshop or any other popular photo editing software and you can make as much logo as you want per day, once you’re creative enough.

Write a love poem:

If you have a poetic talent, writing short love poem isn’t a bad idea, you can diversify by offering to write on toast word, love poem and common eulogy.

Massive blog traffic:

If you have a way of directing huge traffic to a particular url, then offering a Fiverr gig would help you get buyers attention, it doesn’t matter if the traffic is targeted of not.

Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links are not allowed.

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Guest celticmoon

As I read this I was formulating a sharp response, but see that kjblynx beat me to it. Here’s my opinion anyway.

Did you know that people get their YouTube, AdSense and other accounts banned for buying likes? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read anguish-filled posts by people who were extremely upset, very angry and highly embarrassed, because they weren’t aware (or thought they could get away with it) that most paid traffic-boosting methods are against the TOS of their account-holders.

No offense, but do you know what you’re talking about?

writnghub said: If you have a way of directing huge traffic to a particular url,
That "way of directing huge traffic" is called 'bots! Again, against TOS of all major social media websites.

writnghub said: it doesn't matter if the traffic is targeted of not.
Really? Then what's the point? Somehow I highly doubt that directing members of "Harley owners with at least 15 tattoes" to Grandma Bertha's Daily Doily Blog will add to a meaningful discussion on stitch technique.

Have you used all these kinds of gigs? THAT would be a meaningful, useful post: sharing your experiences with these types of services and products. Instead, I hope this doesn't get used as a list of ideas to scam buyers for that faction with dollar signs in their eyeballs and laziness in their bones, members who have no desire to actually do work, just make quick money.

I'd also like to suggest you review the forum rules again. Just as those people who lost their accounts learned, ignorance of the rules isn't an excuse to break them. (i.e. off-site links)
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Hi and welcome.

Your post is a copy and paste of an article written by someone (you perhaps?), on an Off Fiverr Blog. The article (written last year) does not contain any new or significantly helpful information that cannot be found right here on the Fiverr Forum. And it contains information that is misleading.

Please help keep this Forum as a place to share information, tips and ideas provided by real Fiverr users, not a place to copy and paste from sources outside of Fiverr.

Thanks! 🙂

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Guest celticmoon

@voiceoverwork Thank you for doing the plagiarism check. I foolishly figured that since this person sells writing gigs that she might actually write her own material, even if it was next-to-useless information. And I see now that ALL her posts are plagiarized. Really doesn’t bode well for any future buyers!

writnghub said: Thanks to you all for your reviews and highlight..
That's hilarious~

It also sounds as if written by an ESL person, which I don't have a problem with, but his/her (because who can trust the photo, which doesn't seem to be legitimate when checked) buyers might be pretty angry if they end up with plagiarized material, with any modifications done in poor English.

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