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Gig creation on Writing and Translation


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What to do since I am stuck because of the message below during my first gig creation?

Price $ is not an allowed basic price.
Packages sorted prices Your Packages must be priced from lowest to highest: Basic is lowest, Standard is mid-level, and Premium is highest.
Packages packages duration You can now offer buyers delivery options for up to 90 days. Go ahead and update your Gig!
Packages title can't be blank,is too short (minimum is 1 characters)
Packages description can't be blank,is too short (minimum is 2 characters)
Packages price is not a number

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Good day! 

I am stuck at the final level of Phone number verification. I live in Cameroon, central Africa. After selecting the country of residence in the verification dialogue box, the system accepts only 1 digit out of 9 making the complete phone number in addition to the postal code. How do I go about it please?

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