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Three ridiculous cheap marketing ideas from fiverr


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1# Take the stress out of sourcing stock images

If you’ve ever trawled through Flickr, looking for suitable, creative commons images for your blog posts, you know my pain. After an hour of looking at low-quality images, tenuously connected to marketing topics, you find an image you don’t hate – and realize that you’ve already used it.

For $5, all of your image-sourcing stress could be eliminated. There are dozens of gigs that offer free, fully-licensed access to as many as 50 stock photos; and there are dozens more that offer custom photography. Whether you’re looking for a stock image of laptop, or a high-quality photograph of a sombre businessman, wearing a crimson Fez and rollerblading around town – Fiverr has you covered.


2# Promote your cornerstone content with tweets to 100,000 people

Sometimes, you want to boost the reach of a particular piece of content – for example, if you’re offering a downloadable eBook, or you’ve written a comprehensive guide. As well as promoting heavily though your regular channels, you can increase the exposure of your content through Fiverr – with many users offering to tweet your message to as many as 100,000 people.

This isn’t targeted marketing – but if you’re looking to boost the social signals of your content, this cheap marketing idea will allow you to dramatically increase views and click-through. This, in-turn, will help boost your content’s search engine ranking – allowing to attract more targeted engagement, and increase conversion.

3# Establish social proof for new pages

If you’ve set up a new Facebook page, or LinkedIn group, attracting followers can be a slow, time-intensive process. To build a faster, bigger community, you can use Fiverr to add a little bit of social proof to your page. By buying a handful of Likes or Follows, you can improve the early-stage development of your page – minimizing the amount of potential followers who avoid joining because nobody else has.

Remember though – less is often more with cheap marketing ideas, and hundreds of new visitors will only arouse suspicion of your fledgling community!

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Such an informative post from someone who has been a member of Fiverr for 3 days.

voiceoverwork said: Another post Copied and Pasted from an article Off Fiverr.

Please help keep this Forum as a place to share information, tips and ideas provided by real Fiverr users, not a place to copy and paste from sources outside of Fiverr.

Seems VoiceoverWork is catching them quickly now days!

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The epitome of laziness: copy/paste articles from somewhere else. This is the kind of squirrelly trick some kid does who has 0 talents, 0 ideas, 0 ambition except some way to make a quick dollar. And probably soon will have 0 memberships on Fiverr~ L-) [-X L-) [-X L-) [-X L-) [-X L-)

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