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Re-design shopify store (color, text size, font border, hover etc)- its my one service but in improvement

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Hi there, I have previously some topic on gig suggession but I have a question on my own gig. The gig I'm presenting that about to Re-design shopify store ; includes re-design store color, text size, font border, hover etc from product page and any page, any content. POSSIBLE WITH MANUALLY CODING.

1stly a shopify store look like this image,:shopify store 1st look; re-design shopify store

The gig services are and the result sample bellow the service list:

  1. Any design customization task (product details/any page/other content of shopify website).
  2. Make Responsive any content.
  3. Font size or color correction.
  4. contact page, products, price, etc design correction.
  5. Cart page, product page, buttons, hover animation, and designs, text center/any align. 

TO MAKE THE AS LIKE THIS EXAMPLE IMAGE AS  2.jpg.5a9dfccf80d6f3e872d2797d65c4d99a.jpg

My Gig related this topic LINK is HERE. its reach and click is low last month (no edits, no changes, just new gig. then I have updated image). BUT I SEE MANY BUYER REQUEST FOR SHOPIFY WEBSITE. EVEN I KNOW THE NUMBER OF SELLER ON THE SHOPIFY SECTOR IS LOW.

I think there have any wrong with image, or tags , Video live edit in actions!! Everything I have completely does from deep research. if anyone guess about the lac. Please feel free to share your valuable comments. What do you think?? 


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