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Is it possible that your gig has been removed on Fiverr but still showing in Fiverr search


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I would like to share some unexpected experience today at Fiverr. I am searching some gigs on Fiverr to in WordPress / Web Technology category. I saw one gig which is in web technology and WordPress category when I try to open this gig Fiverr Redirect and told me that this gig is deleted you can check some other gigs related to same category etc. 

Now the question that how is it possible?

when gig is already deleted then why it is showing in Fiverr Front page. I think this is a bug in Fiverr Search or Algorithm system and Fiverr should fix this. Fiverr should show gigs that is active, have good rating etc, but It should not show that type of gigs which is deleted. 

Guys What you say about this please comment below and How can I tell to Fiverr Support that can be solved as soon as possible. 


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