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Wohoo! Just got 2 of my gigs Featured at the very top of the Fiverr's Marketing Newsletter Edition


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Hey everyone,

We are extremely happy to announce that 2 of our gigs were Featured at the very top of today’s Fiverr Marketing Newsletter. We are so proud that after 5 months of hard work and almost 200 orders with 100% customer satisfication, Fiverr may have noticed us and rewarded with this amazing news. We hope that we will see more of ours, and of course , other new sellers gigs featured!

Enjoy the rest of your day guys and long live the Gig Economy!

Nova Team

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It gets even cooler! Today, Fiverr featured 3 more of our gigs! Thanks Fiverr!

To celebrate our happiness with you, we would like to offer you a very special deal! Only for the Fiverr Forum Community!

Buy any of our gigs and get 1($5) for free!

Offer valid until 15.06.2014

Simply make an order and shoot us a message saying you want to take advantage of the extra gig and you are all set!

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