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Contact details or no contact details, which is it?


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My latest ad has just been denied, which is a surprise since I read and followed this part of the Terms & Conditions before I created it ~

"Note: In the event your sellers Gig requires personal contact information to complete the order, such as s***e/Team Viewer coaching, names and address for business cards (etc.), and log in information, you may exchange that information in the order page."

So I carefully put the request for contact details in the buyer section, as instructed.

The report I produce either comes as PDF file or it is displayed in HTML on my website. I don’t own the software that produces the report, and these are the only two options. I need to know quite a lot of information about the buyer before I can write the report, including the URL of his/her website.

What am I doing wrong? How do they want me to get the clients URL and give either the URL to the report or the PDF file to the customer?

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