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Would raising prices raise the number of buyers too?



I joined fiver since almost a year, and even if I believe that my services are of good quality I got only three costumers. Two of them told me that my prices were too low compared to the quality of the delivery, and both insisted to pay a little more and tip. 

I understand that maybe I've just met two really nice and kind costumers, and that I might not be so lucky in the future, but while during this year i believed that my bad results were caused by a lack of visibility and a preview galllery which could honestly use some work, I started to think that maybe the low prices made clients unconfortable. Do they think I'm scamming them? Is it possible that they directly expect highter prices when they're looking for a good work?

I should probably add that I'm an artist, and i sell semi-realistic or pictoric illustrations of animals and characters. I work many hours on them but since I have a really small "audience" I didn't feel entitled to a proper payment. (I'll add some examples of my drawings below, they costed $15 each)

What are your experiences and tips?


spirit dog es.jpg

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I have no specific answers to your questions but I will say that I think you may want to work on valuing yourself and your work more. I say "yourself" because you work hours for chump change when you don't need to. There's no honor in underrating your talent. Do you understand how much power you have in being a Seller? You make your own prices and deadlines. Take advantage of that and get what you think you deserve and worked for. And don't be afraid to raise your prices. There are millions of buyers with different budgets, so I'm sure quite a few would pay more than $15. 

And I would personally charge $50-$65 for the art you shared in your post. Then once I got more clients and positive reviews, I would raise my price to $65-$80. And, I would not feel guilty about it.


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