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Tons of impressions but no results


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I just made a new gig around this time last night. At some point half way through the day I had only a few amounts of impressions. I checked again a few hours ago and it’s at 56k impressions with only 9 clicks and 13 page views. Any tips on getting results from that? I have a video so that is the displayed image. Is there a way to pick a point in the video that I want to be the cover image of my gig? It chose an image from the middle of my video. I feel it might be turning viewers away.

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.

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I have no idea how Fiverr determines the impressions, but many of us don’t believe it is at all accurate. Seriously, 56,000 impressions in a few hours? Yeah, maybe by 56,000 bots from 56,000 search sites/bookmarking sites! ~lol~

Be patient. You’re not going to become a Top Rated Seller in 1 day, sorry. Fiverr will promote your gigs along with the other newest gigs on the front page for awhile, they’ll index your gigs usually in about 24 hours for its search engine, but unless they catch the eye of an editor because they are so unique and special, they won’t be featured or placed on the front pages. You need to go through and read some of the excellent threads for new members.






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