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no, it does not harm. but it will change the performance of gig for one or two days, because updated gig will appear with new modification.


in the picture, you can see i have updated the gig extra, description and gig value.

you can see your stat and understand that changes made are making good impact on your gig performance or not.


after first update in gig, it was not performing well. i regularly checked my performance and waited for 4-5 days.

so, i again updated the gig in hope to get more views/clicks.

and finally, i had update gig on 25nov. you can clearly after one day, it performed well.


i will suggest to keep the back up of your every gig and its description, media files. so that, if your gig does not perform well in any new update. you can easily roll back to previous one or  can improve the gig based on previous one.



P.S. - I am new to fiverr and have no seller badge, that's why performance is low. Don't judge me according to gig performance.

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On 11/22/2021 at 1:12 PM, khalid3400 said:

If I do any change of my gig, could it harm to my progress? 

Or, How can I get more impression and click by publishing a new Gig?

Because I'm new.


Editing a gig for any reason will definitely lower your rankings, impressions, and clicks because Fiverr takes a long time to optimize on pages. Instead, if you're a new seller, I recommend creating a new gig using the right keywords as the best option for you.


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It won't hamper your profile or something else, but if you obtain more marks then fiverr understand that you have the ability to serve the buyer and then you will get more orders, But if you fail then it won't show on your profile and no buyer can see that result.

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I am a new seller. I'm checking my buyer request per hour but no request was found.

I make three gigs which represents BUSINESS CARD DESIGN. I'm facing the buyer request problem. I have passed 30 days on Fiverr. If 60 days over and if I can't complete 10 orders, will It hamper on receiving buyer requests?

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Hi Khalid!

Let me share a couple of thoughts with you. You do business card design. Now, put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. Who would possible buy business cards? I think, this is a relatively local business. So, don't expect all too many requests from outside your home country. Also, business card design is offered by thousands if not tens of thousands of services. And many of them are reasonably good. So, what makes your own service stand out? I don't want to disappoint you, but I think it is unlikely that you will find new customers just by placing your gig on Fiverr - no matter how hard you try. Also, posting more gigs - as was recommended in another post - is probably not going to do you any good, as long as those gigs are offering just the same service.

My recommendation: Do your own advertising. Find your own customers. If you find someone outside your home country, you might consider have that customer buy through Fiverr, just to make payment and fulfillment easier. But that is how far the service of Fiverr actually goes. Don't count on someone discovering your gig on Fiverr and ordering from there.

Good luck to you!

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