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How to convert an order with perfect communication with a buyer?


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  1. Firstly, You must have to know about the buyer's full requirements
  2. Tell your buyer how you will complete the task
  3. Friendly communication 
  4. Do Question more about the project (Only topic)
  5. Don't Use Like this word Sir/Madam 
  6. Be professional when you communication
  7. Don't talk out of the topic before placing an order
  8. Learn details about full requirements 
  9. Tell perfectly to your buyer what you need to start the work
  10. Give him full confidence that you can do the job perfectly/successfully



Samit Hossain.

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1 hour ago, lloydsolutions said:

You are a new seller with no sales offering "advice".

Any "advice" you give lacks credibility.

New sellers in your position are usually asking for advice.

PS. Posting on the forum does not benefit your Fiverr account in any way.


Thanks for your information, But I will get an order in few days,wait for it. Pray for me.

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