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Gallery Image Bug !


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Hopefully you are having a good day. Recently I have been facing an unusual bug . When we deliver our product ( in my case; logo) , we get to pick a image that will be showed in our gig as a portfolio item. The bug I am facing is that whenever I select a image as order portfolio image , the fiverr system doesn't pick that image and it picks other random image item on that delivery package instead. 

Which is very frustrating as we always try to show the best image item in the gigs, but if fiverr system picks the image itself , sometimes it picks the wrong image that we don't want to show as a portfolio item .

 As example in my recent order, I am pretty confident that I had choose example-2.jpg ( attached) as portfolio item , but fiverr system had picked the example-1.jpg  instead which was a PNG version of that logo and no way I want a PNG logo item to be showed as portfolio item. 

Now I want to report that bug , I think this bug has appeared after the new order page.


Also is there any way customer support can help me change that image and put the right one ?

Thanks . Regards 



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