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what to do to get new sellers to work ?


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The most important thing to do is observe what is not attracting potential sales. For example, if you have many impressions but few clicks you can deduce that your thumbnail is not striking enough, if you have many clicks but they do not buy, maybe you should check your prices with those of the competition or your descriptions because they may not be clear enough. Ultimately, you have to do an exhaustive analysis of the behavior of your GIGs in order to determine what the problem is. I do it and still my sales have dropped despite having excellent grades but in the niche that I work there is a lot of competition and I personally am not willing to give my work away just because other newbies do it, so I better wait for someone You can appreciate the difference between being a professional in graphic design and just knowing how to use photoshop and decide to invest your money correctly. When you want to achieve visual goals, cheap is always expensive.

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