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Can I deny a gig once a buyer has purchased?


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I’m going to guess that the job is for video editing, since that has an order in queue. The problem is, we all MUST offer a basic service which is free-standing (i.e. can be done without any additional purchases) for $5. We can also offer expanded or enhanced versions of the gig to buyers if they purchase additional gigs (or gig extras, for leveled up sellers). And your gig description doesn’t specify any details about what a customer will get for $5 except that you will professionally edit his video. So if the customer has given you a larger project than you want to do for one gig, I think you are stuck. Until you write up clearer descriptions, your buyer has the expectation that you will edit his video. Period. You are changing the rules midstream, so to speak, with this customer, and you can’t do that. If you tell him NOW that you won’t do the job unless he buys a bunch of gigs, he has every right to leave a negative review, or file a report with customer support. You may need to do the work and consider this a lesson learned. Even if your other customer agreed to purchase additional gigs, you still have nothing written that says how much editing you’ll do for $5, and that leaves you vulnerable. Another suggestion is to clarify how many modifications a buyer can request; otherwise a customer can ask for changes ad nauseum.

Your other option is to request a cancellation, but if the buyer doesn’t agree and you force a cancellation, that will have a negative effect on you.

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