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Massive drop in gig impressions and promoted gigs not available anymore



I've been on Fiverr for quite a while so I *think* I understand how the algorithm mostly works. Sometimes there are dips in my impressions because I fluctuate between the first couple of pages and perhaps that's due to bad private feedback, slower responses, lower conversion rates, etc. What I can't understand is how every single one of my gigs have suddenly just dropped out of nowhere? I recently re-hauled two of my gigs to make them appear a little bit nicer, paid someone for better thumbnails and added videos to them and changed up the gig description. This is meant to make the click through rates better, not remove me from rankings entirely for EVERY single one of my gigs? What makes matters worse is that my promoted gigs has been completely removed as well as I'm not "qualified". I meet all the metrics and on Seller Plus, it says that I am performing better than others in my industry. I checked with Fiverr support and there was no assistance at all, I was basically just told "send in more buyer requests and complete orders as quickly as possible" and regarding the promoted gigs I was told that I "don't meet additional metrics that they can't disclose". How can I complete orders if I'm no longer getting orders and what are these additional metrics - that's something we deserve to know? This is just super depressing because this is a key income source. I'm just hoping someone has gone through this and can point me in the right direction because I have basically got no roadmap to get myself out of this hole.

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This is exactly what is happening to me now, there are no visible reasons for something like that and I don't know how to fight this. A sudden fall into the abyss for no apparent reason, and help out of nowhere despite all the extra services I pay for. Depressing.


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