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My gigs are disqualified and thrown to the last.


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Since 7 to 8 months I am facing some major issue with my ID, I am a level two seller and I am having a good profile status with 5 star rating and everything 100%.
7 months before when I got a promotion offer so I promoted my 2 best gigs but after some time MY both gigs were disqualified without anything wrong and all my gigs disappeared just because of 2, and it took 3-4 month that I was getting regular orders with my regular client but my ID was still down.

I got a promotion offer again and I was happy but I decided to not accept it as it gives me a bad experience, as my ID was on a good stage in past, I got 3 orders on the same day but as I don't start the promotion, after 2 days again I see disqualification and a disappearance too. 

This is happening again and again 1 time in a month, lastly I got again a notification of promotion last month so I decided to accept it and as I did it, I was on the top of all searches for 2 weeks and even getting orders again but again disqualified and disappeared. such a bad experience I am facing.

I need guidance from you people that what should I do now. support is even not answering properly. I have completed TOP RATED process 7 months before but as I was becoming top rated seller, I got these issues.

Please help,

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