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New gig! I highly appreciate your time to give me improvement suggestions please?


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Heyy beautiful people. So I just added new skill for myself and now I am looking for a work lead to get started with this skill on Fiverr. I am having hard time seeing impressions on this gig while I think that the overall gig appearance is somewhat okay.


Attached is the link  >https://www.fiverr.com/share/yjE7rA< 


I would highly appreciate your time if you spare a minute to skim through my gig please? your response will help me alot. Again, thanks again for your time and consideration! 🙂

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In the gig image maybe make the text a bit easier to read in the image size that gets shown on the profile/search engine.

In the gig description:
"Why chose me?" could be "Why choose me?"
Maybe reword "I have diverse in providing"
It says "Drop me a line or hop on a quick call..." - maybe change that because a lot of people won't have the Fiverr video call option before ordering.


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