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Yes, this is normal. Because Many buyers go on vacation in December-January. so impression & click maybe fall down. Don't worry it will retrieve again in February. Besides, your gig may fall down its rank so it goes to the next pages. So focus on gig marketing and send 10 buyer requests daily. It may help to boost your gig rank and rank again. Thanks

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Some useful tips to Rank your gig on Fiverr. 

1.  Select 5 perfect tags/keywords. Actually, you have to find some good keywords which people use to search different services related to your gig.
2. Create an attractive gig with proper keywords.
3. You should attach a High-Quality image to the gig. 
4. Create a meaningful title & description.
5. Push all tags/keywords on the title & description.
6. Try to use 3 packages in every gig.
7. Use FAQ properly and try to use all keywords in the different FAQs.

MK Neel

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Guest freelancerjabir
14 hours ago, ashmitraj493 said:

Published my gig on 24th November 2021 as a new seller on 25th I got 31 impressions and 4 clicks , And today i got only 9 impressions and 0 clicks , Is such ups and downs normal?? Any reason for this ? , How to prevent it ? 

 this is my gig

Do you go for regular social media marketing for 3-5 times every day ? I don't think so 

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