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"High expectations are a sign of respect"


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It goes on for a few long paragraphs, touching on how I am *objectively* wrong and distasteful in my every design decision. 

It culminates with me stating that the revision request looks less related to the project at hand and more related to me as a person. Which is not appropriate, for a Business account (with no visible purchases).

The buyer responds with: “High expectations are a sign of respect”. Which is officially my favourite buyer quote ever now. 


PS One of the companies I worked for had an account manager who only had one job: get the clients to send over their revisions, “translate” them into human and send them over to the design team. 

One time she wasn’t paying attention and a rogue letter got through as written. I could hear her running down the corridor, yelling to me not to open the email. 

It was too late. I clicked on it and got a wall of text that was insulting me as an individual, insulting my parents, the education system, the color wheel as a concept, (ironically) the target audience of the ad we were working on, the person who created the dang font, the person who selected the dang font, etc., etc.

The email was from a brand manager for an international company that specialised in items for babies (pacifiers, baby bottles, toys, etc.) The entire email boiled down to me having to move a pacifier slightly to the left in relation to the teddybear, change the color of the said pacifier to a darker purple and (naturally) make the logo bigger. 

I asked our account manager if all most of the client emails she had to deal with were like this. She said: “You don’t want to know”. 


PPS Merry Christmas for those celebrating. 


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