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Client Satisfaction in My Point of View.


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2 hours ago, dewan_madhurjjo said:

Sometimes clients may unable to make me understand their needs.

This is particularly important as we deal with customers from all over the world.  It is very common to work with people who have native languages different than our own, with different customs, and different ways of expressing themselves.  Please be patient and work with your buyer to get through the challenges and you will both benefit greatly. 

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8 hours ago, dewan_madhurjjo said:


Most of us freelancers have heard about customer satisfaction. We have enough knowledge about it. Here I am sharing some points of my knowledge with you...


  1. As the client is paying for his work it is his right to get proper service & he will make sure of it. It is important for my career as well as my reputation on Fiverr.
  2. I should be always try to be humble during conversations. Sometimes my mood may be bitter for any reason like personal or anything. I must not leave any reflection on the conversation with the client of it.
  3. I should have read the customer's requirements attentively I might read it 2 or 3 times if needed & just try to understand what his need is. This is could be the mainstream for providing the best service.
  4. Sometimes clients may unable to make me understand their needs. But I should not make him regret about this I can give him more options under the circumstances and make him try to select the best he wants. For example, he/she is unable to make me understand any design of anything but he/she can imagine it but can't properly describe it to me so I can send him some demos under his pieces of information & from those demos the client can choose the best he/she wants. This is very helpful for both of us to understand the need.
  5. A good relationship with clients is my long-term investment kind of. Because my name or face would be forgotten by the client but the best service I gave him is like the test that you have had any delicious food. I think you understood what I want to express. So, good service is the main goal for building a good relationship.
  6. Most importantly clients have vast options for their work so they expect a best service from the seller. And I have to win on this.


That's all for today. I have just shared my thoughts on it & I have left few points of my thoughts on it because I want to hear more from you guys I want to know how do you think on this matter and all of your respective opinions. So, let me know your thoughts. And, I apologize for my mistakes.



Dewan Madhurjjo.

Informative Thanks🥰🥰

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