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Why an offer of unlimited revisions should be avoided and Why Fiverr offer buyer satisfaction!


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Why you should offer Unlimited Revisions, as this is a must or buyer will simply cancel the order and get a refund, and yes we being forced even when the price we offer isn't much.

You anyway forced to provide Unlimited Revisions even so if the buyer got the service and complain to customer service and he could get the order to be canceled sometimes.

So you should offer buyer satisfaction anyway to avoid any complaints, and avoid getting bad feedback, so you should consider adding this price of unlimited revisions to the cost, so no confusion may be happening in future, the buyer expect satisfaction and they will try the lowest price and the top quality service, so if you were willing to handle this, make sure you add it to the cost and hours of work in order to make the buyer fully satisfied.

As sometimes I see services here at a very low price, so do you think they can handle the issues and all the hours of work in order to make the customer fully satisfied with the end result?

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On 12/28/2021 at 2:59 PM, shamim2048 said:

Thanks for nice tips


You welcome

On 12/28/2021 at 4:50 PM, lamoriano said:

Why we need give buyer unlimited revisions, if the buyer can cancel the order anytime?

Yes, buyer can cancel if not satisfied for any reason, this apply to all buyers, so make sure you make buyer satisfied.

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I'm sorry, but I disagree here.

While I see your point and I know what you're talking about, having unlimited revisions will just backfire. If a buyer knows you are open for that, they will just come back to you over and over again without never confirming the order, or they will accept what you deliver at first and fill your inbox with more and more requests later for an edit, or even a complete rework (for free). You will be forced to do it then because hey, that is what you offered right? But they may still cancel on you before AND after order completion if at one point you decide you did enough, or the buyer isn't satisfied with what you are providing anyway.

The best thing to do is set a limited number of revisions and a fixed price for any additional request if the order is still going. They buyer should know beforehand (although they rarely check your gig page properly) and any other additional edit has to be compensated if the free ones are used. I get that a bad feedback or order cancellation is unpleasant and can affect your profile negatively, but this is not the best strategy to keep a buyer happy and avoid unwanted consequences. Sellers should be careful.

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