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How do I remove samples from my gallery that someone else added? I did a gig and now the completed work shows up in my gallery. I do not want that



I'm a singer and the completed thing I sent to the guy was a weird request, really just lots of dry random screaming, I don't want that to be available to potential buyers to see, how do I fix that? I couldn't find it in the gallery settings, it just appears with the other 3 mp3s I uploaded along with their review. Thanks

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It's either "Live Portfolio" active or "Live Portfolio" off. If you have an...unusual order in the future that you wouldn't want displayed on your gig page, it might be a helpful practice to simply attach a small image, text, or audio file simply saying thank you along with the intended delivery. When delivering the order, you can select which attachment is featured on your gig page (IF the buyer permits a sample from being displayed in the first place), and in such a situation, choose the alternate attachment instead of the actual delivery.

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