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What is your best motivation you give yourself to get first order as new seller?

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5 hours ago, winchelquilicol said:

What is the best motivation you can give to yourself as a new seller like me?

There are others who did succeed, so why not me.

Motivation without marketable skills, well-done Gigs, good communication, and such, won't do much if anything though, so if you're lacking in any department, work on it.

It's much easier to find your personal motivation - like wanting to earn a certain amount per month, being able to travel to see a loved one, feeding a dozen street cats, whatever is closest to your heart - than actually doing the footwork to succeed. Thus, I wouldn't look for my motivation on the forum, but brood over my best very personal motivation myself in privacy, and instead trawl the forum for all the great info, tips, workflows, etc. that are buried amongst the noise.

Good luck, in any case. 

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