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How to start next milestone



Hi, it's my first milestone order and I have delivered the first milestone. I would like to know how to start the next milestone, is it the buyer who will start it (but he said he do not have any option to start the next milestone; his first milestone order too actually. )? or it's me who will start the next milestone (I don't see any option) to start it.

Tried to search about it but did not find anything regarding that.

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The next milestone will start once the buyer accepts your delivery (or it will start after it auto-completes). Just look at milestones as a set of orders, it works basically the same! The only difference is the entire order will only be done once you've delivered every milestone.

This link gives a bit more information about how the milestones work, at the bottom might be some further useful information (since you already created it the first part isn't relevant for you): Working with milestones: Milestone workflow

Hope this helped! 

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