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Who want pray :) then I have a question dear friends :)


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4 hours ago, dijidesignarts said:

After 3 monts ı have so busy and ı want change price

1. Don't lie about how long you have been on Fiverr, you joined last month.

2. Don't lie about being so busy on Fiverr that you want to raise prices when you have not made a single sale. Zero.

3. Improve you English skills as they are very poor.

4. Don't lie. 


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16 minutes ago, dijidesignarts said:

Sorry. I think ı was wrong words use on my questions  😐 almost today ı get first order and ı wonder this gig strategy 😄. I just wonder, if ı want change like this for future . Also ı was use on my questions ''for example'' for say it but my english need practice ı think 😑 

Just be honest, or you will get no help here.  Simply say, "I joined a month ago, and have no sales."  

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7 hours ago, dijidesignarts said:

If edit my basic price bigger after have problem for gig seo ?

Modifying gigs MIGHT temporarily impact their visibility, so it's best to make any and all changes at once instead of constantly tweaking gigs over and over. But don't be overly afraid of making changes if the situation dictates the need to do so.

-Oh, and this thread is posted in the wrong subcategory of the forum...

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