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"Message must contain at least 5 characters"


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I think it's on the main site (it says "offer more extras"), I think the order page. It's a nuisance sometimes. Maybe a full stop could be used instead or a quick response set up that's longer could be used.

It might be something to do with the new "order response rate" eg. if the buyer has written things and Fiverr want a longer response (even though "ok" could let the buyer know you've read/will do what they askedt).

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1 hour ago, uk1000 said:

Maybe a full stop could be used instead

Incidentally, I happened to reply with "Sure." yesterday, and missed out on the 5 characters fun, but yes, seems a full stop can indeed be used instead, just to encourage anyone who's afraid to try. 😉


Now, if this would end all the "Hi/Hy/Hu" one-liners from spammers and make them say right out what they want, I'm all for it and will consider it Fiverr's end-of-year gift to sellers! 👏

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On 12/25/2021 at 2:03 AM, miiila said:

What a disappointment. But, well, all things have their good side, then I'll use the app, whenever I get the urge to reply to something with just "k".

I know this thread is 1 year old, but for anyone looking at this post in the future, what I do is add spaces after what I want to send. Ex: "ok   "

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