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I need to prove my work done and the services I provided as a freelancer on Fiverr.



Hi all,

I am seeking advice here from full-time Fiverr freelancers that are Level 2 & top rated sellers, who have spent years working on the platform. Thank you in advance.

I am working as a full-time freelancer on Fiverr and on another famous platform. For my freelance business needs, I need to prove the work done and the services I offered as a freelancer on these platforms to local and foreign authorities. I need to to get credible and legitimate evidence of my work and services to claim my "professional experience", that in my case would be the WordPress Website Design & Development service.

I was able to collect evidence from the other platform in the form of invoices billed to clients, however, in case of Fiverr I cannot do that as "Fiverr does not issue invoices for sellers".

I need some form of evidence from Fiverr. If I am unable to do that my professional working experience on Fiverr , unfortunately, would be considered ZERO.

And, yes, I have requested statements of earning from Fiverr as well but that only proves the "earned revenues" not the "services given" as a freelancer.

Kindly advice me on my given situation, I need to know how experienced "Level 2 & top rated sellers" claim their professional work experience on Fiverr as there is no official document that supports the claim and testify about your experience on Fiverr as a seller.

I have another query, has anybody "issued invoices to Fiverr", if so I would like to discuss the process with you. As per the support representative:

"Please bear in mind that Fiverr does not issue invoices for sellers, but sellers can issue invoices to Fiverr to report their earned revenues to the tax authorities if it is needed. These invoices don't have a specific form and you can create them as you wish. You can send invoice to the invoice to support@fiverr.com or mail it to our TelAviv headquarters."

Kind regards,
Fatimeh R

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