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Country, problems please help!


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Ok, so my friend told me about Fiverr and how I can earn money.

I was in Thailand because I was in vacation that time, and I brought my IPad.

I registered using my IPad and when I was gonna go home after a week, it says Thailand but really I live in Philippines.

I saw some posts about the same issue and I saw some that says I need to say Customer Support

And some says its impossible but some says its an easy fix.

Can anyone help me please! If you have a video please add it in the comments or clear this up for me.

Thank you for reading,


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The search feature in this forum is your friend… the very same question has been answered hundreds times 😦

You must open a ticket with Customer Support asking them to change your country; they could do it just like they could not… maybe you’d better provide some sort of evidence that you really live in a different country and you’re not just using some sort of proxy…

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