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Can you please share your gig experience? How you improved your sells.


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hello , my experience has been pretty good so far . I got my first order within a month by staying active make changes on gigs,  focusing on my service to look great . after that I did a little bit carelessness , due to which I have no work for long time but now I'm back to work with full dedication and completed 3 orders. so this is it just need of working hard staying focused and showing your best skills, you will get everything.

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Fiverr is all about Gigs so it's natural you will be telling people what your gig does, but the way you present this information makes all the difference.

Here are some tips that will help you increase sales even if you are a newbie:

Tip #1 - Include a Video on Your Gig Page

Your video is the first thing people will see when they get to your page. You know that, right? It's what I call " The First Impression ". Make this impression count and show people who you are and why they should work with you (by clearly showing the added value of working with you over other sellers in your market niche ). If you're not confident in front of a camera or don't want to use a real person in your video, there are plenty of alternatives: Using animated videos , such as cartoons or motion graphics (even though it can be expensive if done wrong), still gives buyers enough information about your services . There is an old marketing adage that says: " A picture is worth a thousand words ". It means you can say something in a very short time by showing images instead of describing it. If you want to do an animated video but don't have the skills or tools to make them, there are people here on this platform who will do it for you. They're not cheap but if your goal is to maximize sales and/or create an explainer video, then it's money well spent (in my opinion).

Tip #2 – Include Testimonials on Your Gig Page

Testimonials are a great way to reassure buyers that they can trust you. There is a misconception online that testimonials don't work and what works better is using real people in videos . I'm sorry, but this is one of those "common-sense" myths because it's not true! Testimonials still work for Fiverr sellers because it gives visitors the opportunity to read what previous clients think about your service. In fact, having testimonials could even boost your sales on Fiverr because buyers will be comforted knowing other people have bought from you before and had success with working with you. If you can get a video testimonial , it would be even better since buyers tend to trust them more than text based ones (assuming the video is not fake). I think some people believe testimonials don't work because they had bad experiences with them. Just like any other thing on the internet, if you use them wrong or without thinking about what you're doing, it's possible to get negative results.

Tip #3 – Use Power Words and Phrases in Your Gig Description

Most buyers won't read your entire gig description but will instead scan through it looking for words and phrases that stick out . This is why it's important for you to be very selective when choosing what words to use in your gig's descriptions. One way of making sure the right words are used is by using power words , which subconsciously makes visitors feel certain emotions like interest, joy and trust (the good kind of emotions).
Another tactic is using persuasive phrases – these are short sentences that evoke specific feelings and convert visitors into buyers. This may sound simple but it actually takes some effort and time to do correctly if you're not used to doing it. Persuasion can be used in many ways: words, graphics or video testimonials included with your gigs. The main purpose of persuasion is so the right emotional triggers get pulled when someone sees something you created for them which makes them take the action you want (i.e buy your gig).

Tip #4 – Create a Video Sales Letter

Video sales letters are still one of the best ways to sell on Fiverr. In my opinion, they're better than text-based sales letters because it gives you more flexibility and converts buyers into customers much easier. When doing video sales letters for your gigs on Fiverr, use your imagination and creativity to make them as fun and exciting as possible. Rather than reading from a script like most do with videos , talk to viewers as if they were sitting across from you . This makes it seem less "salesy" and more personal (which is important) since there's actually a real person speaking to them instead of some voice over.

Tip #5 – Use More Images (and Don't Rely on Stock Photos)

There are another great way to sell on Fiverr. If the image is in the right format, people can see it without having to click onto your page (which gets them one step closer to making a purchase). On top of that you'll increase website conversion rates (i.e how many visitors actually make purchases compared with other visitors). One tactic you can use is putting up several images instead of just one photo . This keeps things visually interesting and makes it look more professional rather than stock photos included with your gig descriptions. Keep in mind using more images is not always better though because if they're too busy, then people will have a hard time understanding what it is you're selling. Having too many images can also lead to higher bounce rates for your pages which means more people are leaving Fiverr without checking out what you have on offer.

Tip #6 – Use Prices in Your Headline

The headline is the first thing most buyers will see when they visit a page. That's why it's important that you include prices in your headlines . This tells people right away whether or not they're going to be able afford working with you. Yet another reason including prices in your headline is effective is because it drives down any negative thoughts of "that's too expensive" from their mind, at least for the moment while they read the rest of your gig description and look at your images/video just to be sure.

I hope these tips will help you somehow.
Happy Holidays!

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