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Gig denied for unoriginal design orn image



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2 hours ago, imagination7413 said:

You have the rights? I take it they weren't originally yours, then?

If I had to guess, it's possible that whoever sold them to you, may have also sold them to others. Or, you don't have the right kind of rights (publishing vs advertising vs preproduction). 

I have the rights as in they are mine I created every single on of them single handily no one sold them too me or helped me make them they are original 

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I've looked at your profile and saw that your one gig has similar icons that you can find on Google. While I do believe that you made it yourself, you need to prove that you can design an original icon and not something that people can just download in the internet. For me, it looks unoriginal so that's probably the reason Fiverr denied your gig.

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