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2 hours ago, procoder_shakil said:

i need to know how to make my gig more sell in fiverr and which method i'm using for this ?

Offering excellence is the way.  You should not be asking "how do I get money fast", you should be asking "how do I become the best", whatever it is you do. I just looked at your gig, and maybe I missed it.  What is it that you can do better than the 56,492 other people already offering that service? Until you can answer that, why would you expect orders? Why would anyone pick you over the others, especially when you put "contact me before you order" on your gig.  That's the true mark of a nervous amateur, and not at all the way Fiverr works.  Go get 'em tiger.

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Trying rank up and sell in short time is on Fiverr takes really lot of work and patience. You can not expect steady flow new customers overnight at least from start. Update your profile, make it not only look more professional, but actually become more professional in your gigs. Learn and growth. Fiverr will see that and rewards you with customers.

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