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Logo Maker Stars: A Chat With Top Seller, Marius Pop

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Logo Maker Stars: A Chat With Top Seller, Marius Pop

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Marius Pop, AKA, Marioland, is one of our top sellers on Fiverr’s new Logo Maker. He’s been a freelancer for the past decade and joined Fiverr in 2013, becoming a Top Rated Seller after only a few months on the platform. More recently, he joined the Logo Maker and soon found success there, too.

We recently interviewed him about his creative process and the advice he’d offer to new designers. Here’s what he had to say!


Hey Marius, let's chat about your Logo Maker stardom! When you first uploaded your logos to Logo Maker, did you have designs lying around that you thought would be great for this? Or did you design specifically for different categories on Logo Maker?

Hey Lior! Great to finally chat. Well, when I first started, the first few logos were concepts that I hadn’t sold, and I thought I might as well put them up there and maybe get some use out of them.

I looked at the categories as well, because you have the suggestions at the top that list the different categories. So I started designing specifically for those categories. Even with the last logo that I uploaded last week, the first suggestion came up as gaming, so I thought let's do a gaming icon or something relating to eSports.

Mario's best selling logos:


So you visited the Logo Maker from the buyer's side and put in a logo brief to see which results you're getting?

Exactly, yeah. I wanted to see what the competition is like. I’d seen that there weren’t  a lot of eSports options, so I thought “Let's do an eSports style of logo.” And that's what I did. 

Do you think that the Logo Maker has affected your Gig on Fiverr? Did you have any clients from the Logo Maker reach out to you for extra customizations? 

Yes, I have quite a few. I did actually have a buyer that liked the logo but wanted something unique. And then he told me, “I really love this logo that you made on Logo Maker, but I don't want the logo that everyone else has and I want you to make it unique to me.” So I made them an offer through my logo gig and they purchased through the logo gig.

I also had a few buyers that wanted modifications and customized logos. Even today, I had one that wanted a font that wasn't on the Logo Maker.

So tell us a little bit about your process when uploading a logo to the Logo Maker. Do you think about what the buyer would want??

I do think about what buyers would want, but I do look at the beauty aspect of it as well. There’s got to be a pretty factor to it for the buyers to click “buy.” It has to be functional, as well. It has to work for them. But it's got to look good, too.

And do you tend to focus on certain industries? Or do you try to spread yourself across a lot of categories so you can reach more people?I know I would be good at certain categories, but I am trying to reach more people. So I always look at the top corner of my dashboard where I get the suggestions for what industries are in high demand. But I do agree, and I think I speak for most designers, that you always have a style you will lean towards more.

One of the main perks of the Logo Maker is passive income. What would you tell designers about the opportunity for revenue on the platform?

With the Logo Maker, you upload your designs to the platform and sort of forget about it. Eventually, you'll find a buyer. If you're designing good logos, there will be a buyer.

I really like the fact that you upload designs to the Logo Maker and you don't have to worry about them. They do their own thing.  

Do you more tips for new designers joining the platform?

Do your research, see what people are looking for, and see what’s out there.

It's good to have a lot of variations. When I first started, I thought I’d put as many logos as I could on there because if there are more options, people will have more to choose from. Because one logo might not work for a person, but something else might work for that person. Give them options.

Thanks, Marius!

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section  🙂 

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