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No Impressions no orders, even I researched and made an optimized gig .


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Hello Aroosh!

I took a quick look at your gig. First, I noticed some grammar and spelling mistakes. Get those out by having someone proofread it for you. Then I stumbled about some things that I would not really like to see as a buyer:

  1. 2+ years of experience with a whole bunch of tools and techniques. That's not going to impress a buyer. How much time did you have to learn each tool or technology? Probably not more than a couple of weeks.
  2. You list a bunch of standards and tools; but those are just buzzwords. As a buyer I can't see why you would be exceptionally good at any of those. In two years you can only have scratched the surface of any of them. So, why should a buyer prefer you above his current service provider?
  3. You state: "Your satisfaction is my first priority". Don't you think that every seller is going to claim that? You have to come up with something more convincing than that.
  4. You start your gig description with: "Please contact [me] before placing an order". Does that mean you are not confident that you can deliver what you are claiming in your gig description? To me that looks like: I am not really ready to take an order right away, but first would like to negotiate at little. Not a good way to start.

Please, don't take me wrong. I don't what to criticize your gig or your professional experience. I am just trying to see it all with the eyes of a buyer.

My recommendation: Focus a few things that you really know well. Exceptionally well. Try to communicate why you know these things so well, for example by describing projects you have done. If possible, show some work you have done and which you are proud of.

Always keep in mind: This is an extremely competitive market. There are literally tens of thousands other guys around offering the exact same thing. How do you intend to stick out? Focus on something and try to be absolutely amazing in that very subject and in a credible way.

Good luck to you! I wish you success.


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Unfortunately, you have a similar gig to thousands of other sellers and you are starting at $5. Or up to $25-30 for a 10 page website. Honestly, and they may sound a little harsh, I wouldn't expect a great job for such a small price if I was hiring someone to build my website. Unlimited revisions is a bad idea too, any seller with a few orders under their belt will tell you that. Unlimited revisions gives the impression that you may not be able to get the job right quickly, and it leaves you wide open to having to work endlessly on a project for no extra money. 

You may want to think about providing more work samples to you gig, decrease the number of revisions you offer, correct the errors in your personal description and maybe, just maybe, take your fee more seriously. 

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