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Seller restriction on url control


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hello , i got a problem

The story :

I ordered a gig last month , to add subscribers on my youtube channel .

The seller’s automatically message which appear just after purchase was " give me your url and let’s go ! " something natural

So i send my yt channel url .

But in fact , these seller was inactiv and I cancelled the gig after 2 weeks waiting

I chose to order the same gig to 2 others sellers .

But when I gave the url to them, they said that this url is on the first seller control ,and this url has been already exist on system of other user fiverr

So they can’t add subscribers with this restrictions and I can’t add any subscribers owing to the first inactiv seller …

What is this terms ? Why fiverr have made this restriction ?

Have someone already on this situation been ?

Can someone help me ? Is there a fix ?

I asked the support but they didn’t reply .

Thank’s 🙂

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