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Hey All Fiverr Professional Sellers!
I need a help from you all. 

I created a Gig yesterday. But it not ranked in search result with existing keywords. My gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/RbErjL

I followed all SEO rules. But it can't working. 

My gig Title: I will provide website maintenance support, update, help on wordpress

SEO Title In URL: provide-website-maintenance-support-update-help-wordpress

Main Tags:

1/ website maintenance 
2/ wordpress support 
3/ wordpress help 
4/ maintenance 
5/ website update 

I used this tag or, Keyword also in my description and images. I don't why my gig not ranked. I used this keyword in proper way. 

Please professionals help me what is my fault and how can i will improve my gig ranking. 


Screenshot (35).png

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Hello Everyone! I Need Information About Withdraw Amount From Fiverr Using Payoneer

I want to withdraw my money from my account. I verified my fiverr account. Now i want to withdraw money and want to transfer the money on my payoneer account. 

But there is a question arrised. I don't have bank account and i can't open a bank account for my personal issue. Now I want to create a payoneer account and verify with my nid card.

So, can i create payoneer account and add my brother bank account there?

And Can I transfer the money on my brother bank account? 
Is there any problem will i face like account suspension? 

Waiting everyone reply. Please give me right information. 

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Hello Talented People!!!
How are you? I need a help from you. I create gig under Digital Marketing Categories (Digital Marketing > Search Engine Optimization > On Page SEO). I follow all seo rules for create my gig. I also do image seo and add a profesional video on my gig. 

But when I searched my gigs. I didn't find out on first to last page. I also filter out my gig, but didn't found. 

Can you please tell me, why I am facing this problem??

Here Is The Gig Link: https://www.fiverr.com/websiteyour/wordpress-yoast-technical-on-page-seo-optimization

Thanks, In Advanced!


Screenshot (312).png

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55 minutes ago, websiteyour said:

Very low impression for this gig. But others gig impression and click are good.


Another way to see if you are flagged is to search by who is online and your country.

So look for 'online' sellers from 'Bangladesh'. Search by keywords in your gig title.

If you still show last within these few results, then, you may be flagged.

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On 10/21/2022 at 9:16 AM, websiteyour said:

But when I searched my gigs. I didn't find out on first to last page. I also filter out my gig, but didn't found. 

It doesn’t matter if you can or can not find your gig in search. Impressions is literally how many times your gig was shown in search to other people. Fiverr algorithm chooses whom to show what gigs and on what placement based on how likely people to buy those gigs. 

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