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How to get my first job on gig


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You could remove the off-site contact details from the gigs since off-site contact isn't usually allowed. Also in your thumbnail gig you say "I have an issue with payment so you have to contact me about payment. I will tell you how to pay me.". People might think that's about off-site payment, which wouldn't be allowed.

In your skills list you list skills for things that you don't have gigs for. You could create gigs for some of those skills. In your profile you say "I can create basic websites/apps for you in such an affordable cost. " - but without a gig for that it isn't really going to be possible for you to deliver that.

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Ohh kay.

Both your gig titles need retooling.


"Nice" is an adjective that is often used to simply be inoffensive while also not convey strong positive sentiment towards something. "Nice" usually really means "Meh."


If I were a buyer, I would ASSUME my preferences were addressed and utilized in an order. "According to your preference" really goes without saying.

Giving a Discord contact and asking prospective buyers to message you first about how they can pay you are MASSIVE red flags. Aside from grammar and spelling issues (which are far too common with far too many sellers), your gig pricing structure is bizarre as well...


A "whole month" of working on a single order for $15?!  😬

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