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Selling one giant gig in several separate parts


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Hi everyone. My name is aninnina and I am a new seller here. I do proofreading. I have a question that I hope someone here could help me with. I have a gig here where I proofread up to 4000 words or 4 pages for $5. I sold a gig in 3-parts (in other words…the buyer bought my same gig three times to cover my cost because he has over 10,000 words in his paper).

Now, attached to one of his order #'s is his file and how he wants me to deliver the finished product. On the other two, it states that ‘buyer has not responded to my instructions’ – when actually he has, but only through one order #).

I am almost finished with the gig and about ready to deliver it to him. Do I run the risk of the buyer canceling the outstanding two gigs if I send the finished file to the order # he actually responded to -or- should I have him respond to the outstanding two order #'s also and then send the file to him through ALL THREE of the order #'s so as to be paid with no problems (since technically, they can be perceived as three separate gigs)?

Thank you all for your help and I’m glad to be here,


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