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Buyer asked me to extend delivery and then he declined and want to cancel order



Dear All,

Hope my message finds you all well! I am reaching out to you for an advice regarding my latest order, as I find myself in an unclear situation with the buyer and I don’t know what would be the best approach.

I will elaborate the story in short here:

-          After sending the first draft, the buyer helped me with a model of presentation that he would like me to consider

-          I have recreated the design according to the model received and send the second option, while asking if there is anything to be changed in terms of text, new design, any other details that he would have pictured differently, etc.

-          The buyer replied with the fact that the presentation is indeed more simplistic and that there is too much text on some particular slides, so he will send me a new version of the text, and that some pictures need to be replaced

-          My reply: Ok, as for the photos, they can be easily replaced. However, in terms of design and style, will we keep the slides as they are now? I'm not sure I understood your message correctly, is the presentation too simple now? Could you please help me with more details on how you envisioned it?

-          Buyer reply: No, I just think there is too much text. So I will send you a document with less text, as for the analysis of the competitors there are too many details

-          I have sent the third draft complete with all the slides, while also asking for feedback, as well as for the new text

-          I have sent another message asking for feedback and the new text, as the delivery was due in 6 hours

-          Buyer replies saying that he didn’t have time to recreate the text and that he will have time after Wednesday and he asked me to extend the delivery date with 5 days

-          I have confirmed extending the deadline and also asked once again for feedback if anything else also needs to be changed in the presentation, besides the text

-          After 2 days, he declined the offer and he said that we want to cancel the order, as “he thought I would have the capacity of adapting his request to my expertise and that the order doesn’t meet his needs”. But he hasn’t cancelled the order yet.

Despite the fact that there was no discussion about the design whatsoever and he only mentioned the text that should have been shorter on some slides, I couldn’t have any clue that he was unhappy with the presentation (if this is indeed the truth, to be honest, for me it sound like a scam)

My question now is: would it be good idea to ask him to cancel the order and attach all the conversation in my review? Will this affect my stats?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to help me with an opinion!


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It's definitely not your fault, if this is exactly what happened. Reach out to The customer support, and send them the details. Tell them that you worked for X hours / days, and that your client was fine and he made you work, then suddenly he started declining the request to extend the order.

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17 hours ago, magdalazar06 said:

Thanks for your answer! I have sent the summary of the situation to Customer Support and attached the entire conversation with the buyer. Do you have any idea how much time would it take for them to reply?


Sometimes it takes 48 hours, and you'll be able to negotiate the situation with them

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