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Tried everything but my gig isn't ranking!



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On 12/15/2021 at 10:32 AM, logo_graphicss said:

I tried everything but gig isnt ranking. Can somebody help me to figure it out?

Unfortunately, YOU need to figure out what works for you, and what does not work for you. We're happy to help point you in the right direction, but we're not here to build your success for you.

@theratypist offered some strong advice. I see that you haven't tried that yet.

5 hours ago, logo_graphicss said:

Tried to get orders from buyer requests, but no glimmer of hope....

You are competing against MANY other sellers who want those same orders in BR. What have you been doing to try and be the best BR offer response each buyer sees (in buyer requests)? If you are associating your activity in BR with "no glimmer of hope", then you're doing it wrong. Great offers can earn orders, if they are genuine, real, and the best offer recieved. 

It is also worth noting that the BR section should never be your primary source of orders.

5 hours ago, logo_graphicss said:

It had been 4 months I have joined Fiverr.

Try something different. You're not going to achieve success by doing the same failing task over and over again. 

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