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Why I am choosing Fiverr as my full time job, even if my gigs are small right now.


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My life has drastically changed over the last year, and I wanted to share some of my story. I want to share how Fiverr is changing my life for the better, and how hopefully I can make this my full time career as time goes on. On Dec. 3rd of last year, my ex boyfriend gave me a concussion in front of our 2 kids. I knew that it was time to get out after that, and by Dec. 19th, I was on a plane across the country to give my girls and I a fresh start. All of my previous work was in fast food management(I was being groomed for district management before I left), and under the circumstances that I left my last job, I wasn't exactly "manager material" anymore. I left pretty suddenly without notice.

But I moved in with my parent, and decided to take a few months to figure out what my next steps were in how I could best take care of my kids, and recover emotionally from the craziness that my past entailed. This led me to Dan Lok, of all people... I know, another YouTube guru who leverages his wealth to sell courses... Anyways, he turned me on to "High income skills" and the idea of copywriting. I had always been a good writer, so I decided I should get into it. I spent months learning how to create copy that was worth reading. I followed the likes of Alex Cattoni, Kyle Milligan, and read books by Robert Bly, and Gary Halbert. I didn't buy courses, but I spent hours on hours creating samples to fill up a portfolio. I learned how to get rid of the car salesman sleaziness that so many newbie copywriters seem to fall back to. I worked hard to hone my skill. Then I posted my first gig to Fiverr.

It took 54 days before I finally got my first order, and after Fiverr's 20% cut, I had made $40, plus a 5-star review. It took some tweaks, and a lot of research to understand the ins-and-outs of the algorithm, but now my gigs are receiving 25 impressions a day and growing. I know it's a small start, but it's momentum, and that is enough of a motivator for me to keep going for now. I set up an Instagram to both market myself, and teach others in similar situations how to get into freelancing. My mom also bought me a used DSLR camera for Christmas this year, and I plan on starting a YouTube channel as well. My hope is that these 3 things, with lots of dedication will allow me to continue to raise my girls, and also make better wages than I ever did rolling burritos at a certain Mexican Grill.

I know that my situation is not the norm. I am lucky to have a parent to fall back on right now who will let me stay with them and raise my kids (almost 3yo, and 18mo respectively), while working on this freelancing thing. I know that I am lucky that I can wait for a few months for the work to take off and have consistent income. I am also not disillusioned into believing I am guaranteed to succeed. I know that Fiverr can be a little unreliable, and that I need to develop other streams of income to protect myself. But if I can make this work, and bring in enough income to live on in the next 3-6 months, then I will grow on this platform until I can start my own LLC comfortably. If I fail to make that income, then I will go back to fast food and figure out the nightmare that is daycare. I just see so much more potential to freelancing, than making $10/hr while being abused by women in their mid-forties because they believe the world revolves around them. I get to raise my kids the way I want, and there is actually potential to make enough to support my babies on my own.

I know that I have the skills and knowledge to succeed here on Fiverr, and ultimately on my own with clients I get in my own agency. I know that consistency, and excellent results will be what sets me apart from the competition. I know what my goals are, when I need to reach them, and have a realistic understanding as to how things might turn out. I know I have the work ethic, the passion, and the right motivation to pursue this career. So in the next 3 months, I will post again, kind of as a way to keep myself accountable to all of you, and let you know what I have achieved.

Sorry for the novel...


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Hi Casey,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. It is unfortunate that you had to go through such awful course of events, but it's delightful to read how committed and determined you are to achieve your goals. Fiverr definitely holds a lot of potential for people who are willing to work hard on their craft and their business. I wish you all the best and hope to see goals become a reality. 🥂

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