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Getting started on Fiverr


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Hi, I know this kind of thread will have talked about a million times but how do you get going on Fiverr? I have unique Video creations. they are not everyone buying the same we create them from scratch at the purchaser’s instruction. I look at some and think they are rubbish compared but we just do not seem to get orders. two weeks selling two orders. is this the feedback? the fact we are new and not showing in results? Or am I doing something wrong, maybe in the description or suchlike? Any ideas welcome my page is. http://www.fiverr.com/darrenbr Is a lot of gigs better ot can this hamper you? with regard to say having a handful of the most visited ones? Thanks. Darren.

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Hi and welcome.

Two things leap out.

You claim you are an “expert” but your profile description does not say why you are an expert or how you became an expert. Don’t just say it… prove it.

Most of your gigs say “personalised” (your spelling not mine), yet your profile image is Homer Simpson. Why? Seems canned, not very creative and def not personalized. Not to mention that someone owns and controls world-wide rights to Homer’s likeness.

Plus, it takes patience and hard work to get gigs going on Fiverr. Read the many great instructions and helpful tips offered by other users.

Good luck! 🙂

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