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Fiverr just cancels orders


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In my opinion Fiverr is not caring enough about their sellers. 

I had a order and the buyer had made a mistake so he wanted to reorder. He contacted the Fiverr support to cancel it (wasnt at my mobile at this moment) and saw a message, that the order has been canceled by the Fiverr Support.

Imagine I wouldve done already work for him? So Fiverr just comes and cancels it without asking me if everything is fine? Why does the feature to request to cancel an order on the Sellers and Buyers site exist then?  I think this is outrageous. Without us this platform wouldnt exist and I think this is unfair.


This is just my opinion on the topic, thanks. I didnt make a loss as I didnt start working on that order yet, but I dont want to know what happens if Fiverr just cancels a 30h job just because the buyer doesnt want it anymore, this is not how it should work.


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Hello there.. sorry to hear about your experience... while I understand the frustration, in the end it's not an unexpected outcome..

Because the buyer will always have an upper hand unless the requested cancellation is way outside the refund guarantee period (there are exceptions to this as well)..

One of the ways Fiverr retains it's buyers is by offering protection for their purchases.. the idea being that if for any reason, a buyer is dissatisfied, the whole process of getting a refund is seamless.. 

And it's same as how a lot of other platforms operate... the system by design is buyer oriented globally.. partly because of the possibility of "friendly chargebacks" (where buyer contacts their bank and disputes a charge even if they've authorized it, and banks in most cases just refund the money but the investigation of the transaction is at the expense of the merchants, which makes chargebacks expensive to deal with versus refunds) .. so refund is an easier option.. 

That being said, don't let this deter you from achieving your business goals.. there are far worse things that could happen, trust me.. just let this go as one off and focus on your next buyer while also focusing on building your group of loyal repeat buyers for long term sustainability.. 

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