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Can I ask a buyer for a feedback, rating or review ?


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Some times we face a new buyer.  Who don't know,  what is review or how to give a feedback, rating or review.   So, that situation...  Can I ask a buyer for a feedback or review ? 

If I can.  Then how could I ask him/her ?  What's the process.    If anyone know about this topic Please help me.


Thank you so much

Mohammad Arifur.

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Hi the platform already send a several notifications in the dashboard and in the buyer email asking them to review and when the buyer approve the work they go directly to a page to leave a review, so if you have not received a review is because the buyer don't wanna leave a review.

But yes you can ask them to leave a review, the right way is ask them when you delivery the work so write in the delivery box message something like: "I would highly appreciate If you can take the time to fill out any reviews as this helps me to improve."

- Never ask them to leave a specific review as 5 stars, you are allowed only to send a remember to leave some review.

- Never message them in the inbox to ask review because this is a kind of spam. Send the message only when you delivery the work. 

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