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What's wrong with this buyer?


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I want to share my experience just now, I meet this buyer.

The story:

This buyer order gigs from me 3 times, but this buyer ask for cancellation right away after put order, and the buyer excuse:

  1. for 1st order the buyer said, she/he use wrong account to order, and ask for cancellation and i agree to do mutual cancellation.
  2. for 2nd order, she/he put double order, so the buyer ask me again to cancel one of the orders, and i agree to do mutual cancellation.

    after that, she/he message me why her money not show in her paypal account, and i try to explain to her, that if she ask for refund, she will get the money, but she can’t withdraw the balance back to her paypal account, she only can use the balance to buy another gigs.

    and suddenly she ask for dispute for the remaining order without consult anymore with me.

    Is this dispute can hurt my ratings?

    That’s why I ask fiverr if there’s a way to block this buyer so she/he can’t keep hurting my account.

    also, if in the end, this dispute hurt my account, can i get help from Customer Support ? like to restore my ratings? because obviously this entire situation is not my fault at all.

    Thanks for reading.
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If Fiverr displays that no user account by that name exists, it’s likely that the user’s account was restricted or banned by Fiverr. It’s possible that they tried to initiate charge backs through PayPal since they weren’t able to withdraw their refund to their PayPal account. However, charge backs are in violation of Fiverr’s TOS and can get a user banned.

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Customer support should help you with this especially if the buyer’s account has been banned. I have had a couple of buyers do that and I often wonder what is worse, having a cancelled order which still shows as negative or having the payment and getting a negative anyway when you refuse to cancel and complete the order. I would only do that for those buyers who seem to do this a lot and think that it’s a game they can play.

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